Tucker Capital Advises Gopher Sport in its Acquisition of GameDay Sport & Education

Tucker Capital advised Gopher Sport, one of the oldest and most respected physical education companies in the US, in its acquisition of GameDay Sport & Education, a leading provider of physical education, after-school, and nutrition curriculum.

GameDay is a leading PE curriculum provider in California because of its focus on standards-based, turnkey, teacher-friendly materials and professional development training. Experts point to declining amounts of time for physical education in schools as one of the contributing factors to the increase in childhood obesity in the US. Districts can increase the amount of daily physical activity students engage in by implementing GameDay’s physical education and after-school activity curriculum. For Gopher Sport, this acquisition reflects its commitment to its mission: “To improve the happiness, confidence and self-esteem of young and old by helping them lead more active and healthy lives”.

About GameDay Sport & Education
GameDay, founded in 2006, is a standards-aligned K-6 physical education, after-school, and nutrition curriculum. The GameDay curriculum has been used by hundreds of school districts and more than 200,000 students in California. More than 13,000 teachers have been trained to use the curriculum. GameDay provides districts turnkey solutions, including print/video curriculum, content specific equipment, on-site training, and ongoing support. The program has received thousands of teacher testimonials citing ease of use, excellent on-site training, and high student enthusiasm and engagement.

About Gopher Sport
Gopher Sport is an industry-leading supplier of physical education, sports, fitness and early childhood products to schools and other institutions through three separate catalogs – Gopher, Gopher Performance, and Play with a Purpose. The Gopher catalog offers innovative, high-quality physical education, athletics, fitness, and recreation products. The Gopher Performance catalog is dedicated to providing products that improve strength, fitness and athletic performance, while Play with a Purpose offers physical development, active play and gross-motor products for young children. Privately owned Gopher Sport is headquartered in Owatonna, Minnesota.

About Tucker Capital
Tucker Capital is an M&A and strategic partnership advisory firm specializing in the education (publishing & technology) and direct-to-consumer (catalog & ecommerce) sectors over the past 30 years. The firm is based in Princeton, NJ.