Tucker Alexander was an invited speaker at the CognitiveDATA Multichannel Marketing Summit in Chicago, Illinois

The Winds of Change: Profiting from the New Consumer and Evolving Media

Craig Battle and Jim Alexander presented on "Exploring the Opportunity for a Merger or Acquisition" on Wednesday, May 11th at the 2011 CognitiveDATA Multichannel Marketing Summit. The discussion covered the current state of the M&A climate for multichannel marketers, as well as relevant trends that will impact the marketplace in the coming years. The talk also touched on the important consideration for prospective buyers and how best to position your business for either an investment or an acquisition. 

The CognitiveDATA Multichannel Marketing Summit is an educational event for multichannel marketers selling to consumers or businesses via catalog, ecommerce and other media outlets. Particularly close attention was spent on outlining how businesses have to adjust their marketing programs in order to be in sync with the constant changes in consumer spending. Additional emphasis was put on the demand for strong circulation management and prudent database practices as a means to increase catalog mailing efficiencies.