BrightBytes Unveils Dropout Prediction and Prevention Module

Secure, Individualized Early Warning Module Detects At-Risk Students Before Dropouts Occur

San Francisco, CA – September 29, 2014 – BrightBytes, a fast-growing educational research and analytics organization that counts 1 in 9 U.S. schools as customers, today announced the availability of its Early Warning Module. Built on the organization’s Clarity platform, the Early Warning Module identifies at-risk students based on individualized and building-specific triggers. It enables schools and districts to proactively predict potential dropouts, and intervene early.

In the United States alone, more than 7,000 students drop out of school every day(1). An additional 19% of high school freshmen do not graduate on time(2). “Ensuring that students graduate is a complex, multi-faceted challenge: We must properly identify at-risk students, connect these students to remediation services, and ensure that those services are completed,” says Rob Mancabelli, BrightBytes co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Through its predictive approach, the BrightBytes Early Warning Module closes the loop from identification to prevention. It identifies students at risk of dropping out with up to 40% more accuracy than traditional flag-based systems.”

The Early Warning Module is the result of a partnership between BrightBytes and Mazin Education. “Mazin Education has built a world-class algorithm that’s unlike any other in the early warning space,” says Mancabelli. “By understanding the historical makeup at the student, building, and regional level, the module accurately identifies students as early as Elementary school. Moreover, it provides actionable recommendations for intervention.” Dr. Mariam Azin, Mazin founder and Chief Executive Officer, adds, “We are proud to bring 15 years of research on early warning to its culmination on the Clarity platform where it can make a national impact.”

In addition, the BrightBytes team builds its modules with the highest regard to data privacy and security. “Our number one priority is to protect the privacy of students, teachers, and schools,” says Hisham Anwar, BrightBytes co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. “With the Early Warning Module, we have an opportunity to pinpoint at-risk students, and to do so through a 100% secure online environment.”

As an organization, BrightBytes’ mission is to improve the way the world learns. Its research and analysis platform, called Clarity, gives leadership teams the evidence to prioritize learning initiatives, thoughtfully allocate spending, and identify the factors that most impact student learning.

About BrightBytes

BrightBytes’ cutting edge analytics platform gathers research from the best experts in the world and creates evidence-based frameworks that help educational leaders make better decisions for students. Our flagship platform, Clarity, makes research and analysis simple, fun and actionable. More information about BrightBytes can be found at

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